'Daily Show' Airs Controversial Segment Pitting Redskins Fans Against Native Americans

Daily Show Redskins - H 2014
Comedy Central / Screengrab

Jon Stewart offers a disclaimer before showing the piece

The Daily Show has unleashed a segment was already famous before it aired, thanks to a Washington Post article chronicling what went down behind-the-scenes when Washington Redskins fans and Native Americans were brought together to debate the team's name.

A shouting match reportedly ensued, and a panelist left in tears, asking not to be included in the broadcast. Panelists told The Post they felt like they were mislead, because Daily Show producers told them they would not be meeting with the Native American panel. 

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The Daily Show did not air the  controversial aspects of the segment reported in The Post article, with Jon Stewart offering something of a disclaimer ahead of the segment. 

"We learned later that some of the individuals who participated in the piece — they didn't enjoy the experience," Stewart said, adding that the show took the complaints seriously. "We work very hard to find real people who have real beliefs and want to express those beliefs on television. And we work hard to ensure the gist of those beliefs are represented accurately, albeit sometimes cosmetically on our program. If we find out someone in a piece was intentionally misled, and if their comments were intentionally misrepresented, we do not air that piece." 

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The Daily Show's Jason Jones incorporated quotes from The Post article into the segment, which was filmed on Sept. 13.

"This goes way beyond mocking," Kelli O'Dell told The Post after the taping. "The Native Americans accused me of things that were so wrong. I felt in danger. I didn’t consent to that. I am going to be defamed."

Comedy Central's South Park also recently mocked the Redskins controversy