Trevor Noah Argues for Rudy Giuliani's Impeachment After Ukraine Scandal Involvement

Trevor Noah-Publicity Still-H 2019
Courtesy of Comedy Central

"He was mentioned 30 times in the whistleblower's report. That’s 29 times too many," Noah said on Tuesday's episode of 'The Daily Show.' "I mean, you know you're in trouble if you control-F your name in a whistleblower’s report and the screen lights up like a motel bed under a black light."

Trevor Noah argued that Rudy Giuliani should be impeached during Tuesday's episode of Comedy Central's The Daily Show.

While President Donald Trump has been the main focus of the scandal involving Trump asking Ukraine's leader to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Noah pondered if Giuliani has done enough to also be impeached.

In order to determine whether Trump's attorney should also be impeached for protecting the president, Noah donned a white wig as he took on the persona of a judge. "Welcome to the impeachment trial of Rudy Giuliani, personal attorney to the president and courageous rabies survivor," Noah said as a photo of Giuliani yelling appeared onscreen.

The host focused on the possible crimes Giuliani has been accused of, starting off with him seemingly having a central role in the scandal. Or, as Noah described it, "It appears Rudy Giuliani was the anus of this entire operation. Everything passed through him, and it stinks to high heaven."

"He was mentioned 30 times in the whistleblower’s report. That’s 29 times too many," Noah continued. "I mean, you know you’re in trouble if you control-F your name in a whistleblower’s report and the screen lights up like a motel bed under a black light."

Noah next criticized Giuliani for "constantly saying far too much on TV" before clips showed the lawyer doing interviews, including a segment with CNN's Chris Cuomo in which he both denied and confirmed his involvement in Ukraine's investigation into Biden.

"It appears Giuliani was outsmarted by Chris Cuomo," Noah said of the CNN interview. "Which in and of itself is a crime. And even worse, this so-called 'mastermind' confessed on national television."

"The more Giuliani speaks, the more he implicates Donald Trump," the host continued. "He's like the conservative Tekashi 6ix9ne. That snitching-ass bitch."

Noah next focused on the "most damning" evidence that Giuliani should be impeached, which is that "he stands accused of being one crazy-ass motherfucker."

"Clearly this man is out of control. I mean, it says a lot when you are the most unhinged person on Fox News," said the host. "That's like being the smelliest person at a Burning Man. Very hard to pull off."

Ultimately, Noah announced that he felt confident in declaring his verdict. "On the charges of interfering in foreign affairs, acting as the president's personal thug and just being an overall hot mess, in breach of the Hot Mess Act of 1834, this court finds you, Rudolph William Dracula Giuliani, guilty!" declared Noah.

The host concluded the segment by punishing Giuliani with "200 years of community service, where you will be frightening children at one of those spooky Halloween houses."

Watch the full segment below.