'Daily Show' Contributor Michelle Wolf Takes on Weinstein, Calls for Gender-Based Solution

Courtesy of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

During Wednesday night's show, the comedian ridiculed the disgraced mogul and devised a solution for harassment existing in the workplace.

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah contributor Michelle Wolf, comically addressed the sexual harassment and assault claims against Harvey Weinstein during Wednesday's broadcast.

Wolf said there is a deeper underlying issue within the scandal: "This problem is bigger than Harvey Weinstein."

After the New York Times exposed decades of alleged sexual harassment by Weinstein and more than 40 women claimed they were either harassed or assaulted by the disgraced mogul, Wolf attributed Weinstein's actions, in part, to a misconstrued perspective men share.

"Men don't know anything that's going on with women," Wolf explained. "You think you understand vaginas because sometimes you put your penis in one. That's like me saying I understand engineering because I once drove through a tunnel."

To elaborate, the comedian talked about the "obstacle course" women have to endure every day, regardless of what they look like.

"Black, white, pretty, ugly, rich, poor, human, a plant — when it comes to sexual harassment, everyday women are going through an obstacle course. It's like a Tough Mudder, but instead of mud, it's dicks," Wolf said.

Taking a more serious turn, Wolf explained her solution to the underlying "power" problem existing in society.

"This issue isn't just about sex. It's also about power. Its not good enough to fire Harvey, because there's always a Bob," she added, referring to the Weinstein brother who is trying to save the company they co-founded but has now also been accused of sexual harassment. "The only way you change it is you change the power from the top. My solution: Every time a guy gets caught sexually harassing someone, you don't just fire him, you have to replace him with a women. It's a policy that I call Pull Out Your Dick, Get Replaced by a Chick."