'The Daily Show' Reveals What Donald Trump's "Extreme Vetting" Could Look Like

Courtesy of Comedy Central

The process includes an "ideal hand size" test that may prove difficult to pass.

Donald Trump recently called for more "extreme vetting" of immigrants, and on Tuesday night's Daily Show, Trevor Noah and his team explored what that could mean.

"What does extreme vetting even look like?" asked Noah, saying Trump's speech sounded like he was auditioning for an extreme vetting commercial. "We may have a little answer."

Correspondent Adam Lowitt dressed up as a customs agent, with a Trump-inspired wig and fellow correspondent Hasan Minhaj took on the role of an American trying to get through the security checkpoint.

White Americans were let through with barely a glance, while Minhaj faced more scrutiny. Lowitt asked him what made America the greatest and tried to engage him in a game of "f---, marry, kill" involving the Statue of Liberty, Osama bin Laden and "First Lady" Melania Trump. 

When Minhaj said his favorite TV show was Live With Kelly, Lowitt suspiciously said, "Don't you mean Homeland?" Then, Minhaj was asked to take a "biometric test" and place his hand on an "ideal hand size" scale with the tiniest hand imaginable pictured on it.