'Daily Show' in Feud With Rahm Emanuel Over Chicago-Style Pizza (Video)

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Rahm Emanuel, left, and Jon Stewart

The mayor sends the show pizza with "dead fish" after Jon Stewart goes on a rant against the Windy City staple.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has officially put Jon Stewart on notice.

Emanuel's office sent The Daily Show staff pizza for lunch after Stewart went on an epic rant against Chicago-style pizza during Wednesday's show. Among other things, Stewart described the Windy City's signature pizza as "an above ground marinara swimming pool for rats."

The Twitter account for the office of the Chicago mayor tweeted, "We sent @TheDailyShow some real pizza for lunch today. No hard feelings?"

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It's a nice gesture, but with a warning. Emanuel retweeted the message, adding: "Deep dish w/ dead fish."

The Daily Show responded with an insulting Vine of someone holding up the pizza to a dog, who sniffs it and walks away without taking a nibble.

Earlier, the Chicago Mayor's Office account tweeted, " loved your show last night. It gave us the perfect lunch idea.

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Fans of Chicago flooded the Daily Show Twitter account with angry messages after the rant, in which Stewart called Chicago-style pizza "a f---ing casserole."

"I'm surprised you haven't thought to complete your deep dish pizza by putting some canned onion rings on top of it," Stewart said.

He added: "This is not pizza. This is tomato soup in a bread bowl. This is an above ground marinara swimming pool for rats. Let me tell you something about your f---ing not pizza -- I want to know that when I get drunk and pass out on my pizza that I'm not going to drown."

Watch the clip below.