'Daily Show' Gives Trump Twitter Advice Following White House Meeting With Jack Dorsey

Trevor Noah - Publicity - H 2018
Brad Barket/Comedy Central

Correspondent Jaboukie Young-White explained that if Trump wants more followers, he has to join "black Twitter."

Trevor Noah dubbed President Trump the "Commander in Beef" on Wednesday's episode of The Daily Show, giving his viewers a rundown of all the different "feuds" the president is currently engaged in. One of the latest is with Twitter, after Trump met with the social media network's co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, and he reportedly complained about his follower count.

"That's right, my friends, the president of the United States is upset because he feels he should have more Twitter followers. This is absolutely ridiculous," the late night host said. "What's next? He's going to complain to Instagram that his thirst traps aren't blowing up?"

Noah admitted that Trump's Twitter complaint, though petty, is the "most relatable thing he's ever done."

"We all think we should have more Twitter followers. I don't care who you are," Noah said, adding, "The only difference is, when Trump gets mad at Twitter, he doesn't just complain to his friends — he flies in the CEO of Twitter. That's the dream right there."

Noah explained he actually felt bad for Dorsey since he had to explain to Trump that any loss of followers was likely because those were bots or spam accounts.

"It's like breaking the news to a child that Santa isn't real," Noah joked.

Daily Show correspondent Jaboukie Young-White explained to Noah that the president was simply in a "social media rut" and offered his own advice to Trump.

"First of all, you're too thirsty," Young-White said, referring to the following tweet:

"Stop shouting. Nothing screams 'I'm desperate for attention' like tweeting in all caps. You gotta play that shit cool. Put everything in lowercase, like, 'i don't know, i guess we could do a muslim ban. or not. i don't really give a fuck. i'm chill.'"

Young-White also recommended Trump stop tweeting about Fox & Friends.

"Tweet about shows people actually watch, like that show with the black baby or whatever that gets kidnapped by Mandy Moore but then it turns out being a good thing," he said, referencing This Is Us.

Finally, Young-White urged Trump to become part of "black Twitter" in order to gain the ideal amount of followers.

"It's the only gated community that he's not allowed in," Young-White said of black Twitter, saying that to be accepted, Trump simply has to "cancel someone racist" — which "should be easy for Trump because he can just cancel himself" — and change his profile picture because of his "dry-ass lips" in his current one.

"Black people will never trust someone that ashy," Young-White said. "It looks like he's been making out with an urn."