Watch New 'Daily Show' Host Trevor Noah Joke About Learning to Speak "Black-American"

Trevor Noah Standup Routine - H 2015

"I landed in New York and I was fluent in my Black-American."

Trevor Noah, the comedian just named Jon Stewart's successor on The Daily Showhas a history of balancing poignant topics with honest humor. In one of his standup routines, Noah spoke about growing up in a mixed race family in South Africa during apartheid.

Noah talked about how his Xhosa mom was arrested for being with his Swiss father. "Well, you know how the Swiss love chocolate," he said.

"I was born a crime," added Noah, explaining that his family couldn't be seen together in the streets. His mother would have to drop his hand whenever police came by. "It was horrible for me," said Noah. "I felt like a bag of weed."

He spoke about traveling to New York from Johannesburg once an American told him he'd be labeled as "super black" if he went to the States. Noah said that during the 18 hour trip, "I just sat there in my chair like a madman watching every single Black-American movie I could find. Sitting there going crazy, practicing."

"I landed in New York, and I was fluent in my Black-American. Fo shizzle my nizzle."

Watch Noah's standup below.