'Daily Show' Segment Leads to Shouting Match Between Redskins Fans and Native Americans

Washington Redskins Helmets - H 2014
AP Photo/Nick Wass

Washington Redskins Helmets - H 2014

One fan was in tears and attempted to file a police report


Several Washington Redskins fans are unhappy about a Daily Show segment they participated in that pitted them against Native Americans in the ongoing debate over the team's controversial name

The segment, filmed Sept. 13 for a yet-to-air episode, involved a heated back-and-forth, with the fans feeling unaware of what they had signed up for, according to the Washington Post

Kelli O'Dell, a 56-year-old former teacher, was in tears during the segment and has asked the show not to include any footage of her, although a show producer said he couldn't promise that she would be omitted. Two days later, O'Dell tried to file a police report but was told no crime had been committed. 

"This goes way beyond mocking," O'Dell said of the way she and her fellow fans were treated. "The Native Americans accused me of things that were so wrong. I felt in danger. I didn’t consent to that. I am going to be defamed."

Among the Native Americans who participated in the segment was Amanda Blackhorse, lead plaintiff in the case that led to the Redskins losing their trademark on the name. "I said to them, ‘You sound like an alcoholic, someone who’s in denial and who doesn’t want to believe what they’re doing is not right,' " Blackhorse said afterward. "They don’t see anything wrong with it."


Fan Brian Dortch said he regrets wearing a Redskins jacket, which a Daily Show producer insisted that he wear. "I am just an average fan," Dortch said. "These are activists who have media training and talking points."

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