Comedy Central "Did Not Vet" Trevor Noah's Twitter Feed, Viacom Exec Admits

Byron Keulemans
Trevor Noah

An uproar broke out in March over controversial tweets that the 'Daily Show' successor previously had posted.

As it turns out, Viacom's Comedy Central left a few stones unturned when researching Trevor Noah.

Viacom Music and Entertainment Group president Doug Herzog was interviewed at a PromaxBDA conference event Tuesday, where he was asked if anyone at the cable channel had investigated the comedian's Twitter feed before he landed the job of replacing Jon Stewart as the host of The Daily Show. (Shortly after Noah was announced as the pick, a flap erupted over tweets he had posted previously that some Twitter users have called misogynistic or anti-Semitic.)

"We did not vet his Twitter feed before we hired him," said Herzog, adding, "That was the first thing my boss asked as well."

Still, Herzog claims not to have any regrets about selecting the South African comedian as the next face of the late-night show.

"The truth is, even had we looked at it, I don't know what we would have done differently," continued Herzog. "What I really learned is that it didn't matter who was going to replace Jon Stewart; we underestimated what the public reaction would be to anyone who was going to be sitting in that seat. The way people have come to view The Daily Show is a very elevated place."

Stewart's last episode as host airs Aug. 6; Noah will take over on Sept. 28.

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