'Daily Show's' Other Hollywood Graduates

The house that Craig Kilborn launched and Jon Stewart built has, through the years, proved an incubator for comedic talent.

Stephen Colbert (1997-2005)

After serving as one of Daily Show's most popular correspondents, he spun off into The Colbert Report (which has won two writing Emmys).

Nate Corddry (2005-06)

He left Daily Show the same year as older brother Rob to co-star on Aaron Sorkin's Studio 60, United States of Tara and Harry's Law.

Rob Corddry (2002-06)

After playing Ari Fleischer in Oliver Stone's W., he appeared in Hot Tub Time Machine and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.

Ed Helms (2002-06)

In 2006, he joined fellow Daily Show alum Carell on The Office and, after roles in movies like Semi-Pro and Meet Dave, scored with The Hangover.

Craig Kilborn (1996-98)

The show's first anchor spent five years hosting CBS' Late Late Show. He has signed with ABC to write, produce and star in a sitcom.

Aasif Mandvi (2006-present)

The "Senior Muslim Correspondent" has had steady movie work, including The Proposal, The Last Airbender and August's Premium Rush.

Olivia Munn (2010-11)

After relinquishing co-hosting duties on Attack of the Show and before joining The Newsroom, she spent time as a "field journalist."

Rob Riggle (2006-08)

This former Marine (and SNL player) snagged roles in Hangover and 21 Jump Street and on TV shows like 30 Rock and Happy Endings.

Mo Rocca (1998-2003)

A correspondent on The Tonight Show from 2006 to 2008, he now hosts Cooking Channel's Food(ography) and does straight news reporting for CBS This Morning.

Kristen Schaal (2008-present)

Actress, author, stand-up -- she's everywhere: Modern Family, Toy Story 3, The Simpsons, 30 Rock, Adventure Time and Mad Men.