Daily Style Notes: Marchesa's J.C. Penney Prom Dresses, Google's Newest Fashion Statement and Lindsay Lohan Strikes Again

Princess Diana Catherine Walker Gown 1994 - P 2013
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Princess Diana Catherine Walker Gown 1994 - P 2013

Six style stories worth reading right now, if only to sound smart at a dinner party.

Kate Middleton may have the everyday wrap dress down pat, but she can't hold a candle to the effortless, iconic couture worn by her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. And now that ten of Di's legendary gowns are up for grabs, those with deep pockets and an affinity for gorgeous vintage Zandra Rhodes dresses can make their closets very, very happy. (via Vogue UK)

Shock! Awe! Lindsay Lohan has caused trouble yet again, this time by cutting a $1,750 loaner gown in half. In our opinion, this girl should really just get a job at a grocery store already and call it a day. (via Fashionista

Prolific, Oscar-winning Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar is the new face of Parisian department store Galeries Lafayette. And in other news, Daniel Day-Lewis will be handing out parking validations at the Beverly Center. Just kidding. ( via WWD, subscription required)

Kim Kardashian participated in her first photo shoot since announcing her pregnancy. Perhaps it was easier to get maternity wear loaned for this shoot than the last one she did for ELLE. (via DuJour)

Google is continuing their quest for world domination now that they've reportedly tapped of-the-moment hipster eyewear startup Warby Parker to make their Google Glasses look less heinous. As the cyborg-esque glasses allow wearers to see the internet at all times, we'd expect the Brooklyn bike paths to be a much more hellish place if this deal pans out. (via NYT)

Proms, Bat Mitzvahs and quinceaneras across the fly-over states are about to get more chic. As Marchesa designer ( and Harvey Weinstein better-half) Georgina Chapman has inked a deal to bring budget-friendly, $50 gowns to J.C. Penney, beginning March 1. (via StyleCaster)