Dailymotion Premieres Original Series 'Jump Outs' (Exclusive)

Courtesy of SXM
'Jump Outs'

A new episode of the reality series, which pits three teams against an elite L.A. police unit, will roll out each day for eight days.

Dailymotion's second original series has hit screens. 

Reality series Jump Outs from digital studio SXM premieres Tuesday, April 14, on the streaming video website, with a new episode launching every day for eight days. The finale will debut on April 21. 

Jump Outs pits three teams against an elite police unit known as the Jump Out Boys. The teams — one made up of parkour athletes, one of footballers and one of skateboarders — must retrieve an amulet from a Long Beach neighborhood and transport it to the other side of town without being caught by the Jump Out Boys. 

SXM founder Tom Bannister says he set out to make a reality series that would appeal to young men, so he hit the streets looking for cast members who fit that demographic. "We wanted realism to be part of the show," he says. "There are a lot of great reality TV shows, but they often feel like people are playing a role. We wanted these guys not to act and just be natural." 

Actor Jim Klock, himself a former police detective, hosts the show. Oakland PD's Lou Johnson leads the Jump Out Boys. The series was created by Bannister and Klock. Bannister directs the series, which is produced by Larry Laboe

The episodes run a few minutes in length, but Bannister says they could be repackaged to form one half-hour episode of TV. "It was created with that in mind," he says. "We can edit them together and it can be a pilot, or they work as standalone episodes." 

Dailymotion has 300 million unique visitors a month who generate more than 2.5 billion monthly views. The streamer's first original series was Feedback Kitchen, which features Mario Batali interviewing famous musicians and then creating a special dish inspired by the artist. 

Watch the first episode of Jump Outs here. 

Episode 1: Welcome To Jump Outs by jumpouts