Dailymotion signs deal with the Filter

Partnership aims to drive video content, boost ad revenue

Video Web site Dailymotion has signed a deal with recommendation engine the Filter to further boost users' video consumption and engagement.

For the Filter, the commercial agreement is the first major step into the fast-growing online video space after so far mainly focusing on the music space.

The deal comes as media companies are looking for ways to make Web content stickier and drive consumers to additional content to boost advertising revenue or paid downloads, where applicable.

Financial terms of the deal are not being disclosed. Under the agreement, the Filter, based on the vision of music legend and investor Peter Gabriel, will deliver recommendation services to Dailymotion's 66 million monthly users.

"This new partnership underscores the Filter's recommendation capabilities beyond the music space and validates the effectiveness of the technology at any scale," said the Filter CEO David Maher Roberts.

"Video is now the beachhead to content on the Internet," and there has been a lack of sophisticated recommendation tools, he told The Hollywood Reporter. "We can provide services across different types of media, but video is a key focus for us, because it is the biggest growth area" and allows content-rich Web sites to get a hold of people and then also move them to other content types.

In a trial of the Filter's technology, Dailymotion captured more than 5 billion video views with over 1 billion recommendations. The test led to "significant increases" in video views per session and time spent on the site, according to the firms.

"Working with the Filter, we aim to help our users find the videos that interest them the most, while increasing dwell time, which is so vital to our advertisers," as well as content partners, explained Dailymotion CEO Cedric Tournay.

Helping users find the next great video is "a very critical component of our users-first strategy," Joy Marcus, general manager for Dailymotion U.S., told THR. "We are moving from good to great."

The Filter's customers include Sony Music Entertainment, Comcast's thePlatform, We7 and Nokia, among others. Its technology now reaches more than 85 million unique users a month.

The firm, based in the U.K., generally gets paid a monthly license fee for its technology, along with performance-based additional payments.

The Filter's recommendation algorithm uses behavioral, statistical and other analysis, combined with advanced artificial intelligence techniques. For example, it takes into account whether users watch a piece of content, for how long and whether they share it with friends and comment on it.
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