Dakota Johnson Drops F-Bomb After Darth Vader Dumps Her in Jimmy Fallon's "Acting Game"

Dakota Johnson and Jimmy Fallon - H 2016
Courtesy of NBC

The two can't stop laughing as they play the new game.

Dakota Johnson introduced Jimmy Fallon to a new game on Wednesday's Tonight Show.

"You get a fake scenario and answer the phone and act out the scenario," said Johnson, who was promoting her new movie How to Be Single.

Fallon responded by telling Johnson that her scenario was that her fiance Darth Vader is calling her to tell her he's leaving Johnson for another woman.

"Hi babe. Did you just wake up?" said Johnson as the audience laughed. "Who the f— is …" Johnson said before realizing she had accidentally said the F-word on television. She and Fallon started hysterically laughing as Fallon told her to just hang up the phone.

The duo acted out two more scenarios as part of the game. Watch below.