Dakota Johnson and Stephen Colbert Drink Tequila Throughout Interview

Dakota Johnson and Stephen Colbert — H 2016

"I can say this with confidence, 'This is a terrible idea,' " the 'Late Show' host said.

Ahead of her Late Show appearance, Dakota Johnson asked Stephen Colbert if she could drink during her interview with him and he obliged.

He brought out Johnson's drink of choice and the two took shots of tequila throughout their chat.

Johnson and Colbert exchanged stories about the Met Gala, with the actress talking about what she would have done differently had she planned the fashionable soiree. "You should plan it next year," said Colbert. "You should email Anna [Wintour] about it," she replied

The Fifty Shades actress talked about going to the bathroom and returning to find her lamb chop was gone, while Colbert spoke about a woman smoking a cigarette in the men's room. "You don't want to go to the bathroom next to a woman holding something burning," he joked.

The duo started to feel the effects of the alcohol as the interview went on and Johnson couldn't contain her snort-filled laughter. They also spoke about Johnson's new movie A Bigger Splash with Tilda Swinton.

"You meet her and you think she might speak some alien jargon," said Johnson when Colbert said he is a bit scared of Swinton. Johnson said Swinton is "full of love and information."

"Right now you sound like an alien," responded Colbert.