'Dallas' Remake to Air on U.K.’s Channel 5


The iconic eighties show was a huge primetime hit on the BBC in Britain.

LONDON - Channel 5 in the U.K. has picked up the Warner Bros.-distributed remake of Dallas - which is due to air on TNT next summer.

The new 10-part series will air in primetime on the terrestrial network, which also airs CSI, Californication and Law & Order.

The original series, which aired in the U.K. on the BBC between 1978 and 1991, achieved a cult status among the followers of the stormy business dealings, passions and betrayals of the Ewing family. With mass audience television in the U.K. still very much the norm - and the cable and satellite explosion very much in the future - Dallas proved to be the high water mark for the success of U.S. shows on primetime mainstream television in the U.K. Alongside shows like Dynasty - and latterly The Colby's -  the recipe of glamor, intrigue and wealth in Dallas proved intoxicating for audiences, with the entire nation coming to a near-halt on the matter of who shot J.R.

While American television is far less exotic now, Channel 5 programmers are hoping that viewers will take to the remake - which plays out the epic Ewing family  feuds through a new generation of the dynasty and stars Josh HendersonJesse MetcalfeJordana BrewsterBrenda Strong as well as the original lineup of Patrick DuffyLinda Gray, and, of course, Larry Hagman,

Channel 5 head of programs Jeff Ford said the show had "many millions of fans" and that the new-look return of such an iconic show would prove popular with a British audience.

"With its alluring mix of wealth, seduction, scandal and intrigue, there is something for everyone on the Southfork Ranch and it’s a hugely exciting addition to our 2012 schedule," he promised.

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