Dallas Shootings: Brian Williams Returns to NBC as Part of Coverage

Brian Williams Dallas Screengrab - H 2016

The former 'Nightly News' anchor covered breaking news live from Dallas, where gunmen fatally shot five police officers and injured several more.

Brian Williams returned to NBC on Thursday as the network cut to MSNBC's live coverage of the Dallas police shootings.

Williams provided rolling commentary on the situation in Dallas, where five police officers died and more were injured after gunmen opened fire at the tail end of a protest against brutality. Business news channel CNBC also cut to Williams and MSNBC's coverage on Thursday evening.

The Dallas protest came together after the fatal shooting Wednesday of Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minn. Castile was shot after being pulled over while in a car with a woman who uploaded video of the shooting's aftermath to Facebook Live.

Just one day earlier, a phone captured video of Alton Sterling being shot in Louisiana by two police officers. Thursday saw nationwide protests in response to the shootings.

Williams, the former Nightly News lead anchor, made just his third appearance on NBC after being given a six-month suspension in February 2015 for misrepresenting his experiences during the Iraq War. He was subsequently transferred to MSNBC last September.