Damage control dominates Imax


Imax Corp. worked hard Wednesday to repair the damage done a day earlier by "Parks and Recreation" co-star Aziz Ansari when he complained he paid $5 more to see "Star Trek" on an Imax/AMC screen barely bigger than an existing 35mm screen.

Imax executives spent the better part of the morning during their investors day conference trumpeting how the "Imax experience" is more immersive than traditional cinemagoing rather than woo investors with their usual pep talk about how the current digital projection and joint-venture theater rollout will restore profitability this year.

"We know there are risks we don't see," Imax CEO Rich Gelfond conceded after being blindsided Tuesday by Ansari's comments on the blogosphere about shrinking Imax digital screens at the local multiplex.

Gelfond told investors the current premium ticket price for Hollywood movies on Imax screens is warranted because the large-format exhibitor offers more than screen size, in particular the digital remastering of Hollywood movies for superior screen resolution and sound. (partialdiff)
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