Damian Lewis Launches Production Company for Film, TV, Theater Projects

Courtesy of SHOWTIME
Damian Lewis

Rookery Productions' first title is docu-drama series 'Spy Wars' with A+E Networks.

Homeland and Billions star Damian Lewis has launched his own production company, Rookery Productions, aimed at backing film, TV and theater projects in the both the U.S. and U.K.

First off the block for Rookery is Spy Wars, an eight-part docu-drama series about international espionage announced Thursday by A+E Networks. The factual series is being co-produced by Rookery and Alaska TV (Fishing Impossible, Very British Problems) and is set to star Lewis. 

“I always loved being in [a project] from the start. It’s much harder work, which is why you end up acting because acting is the icing on the cake. But I really enjoy the process. It’s an opportunity for me to create some exciting drama and comedy,” said Lewis. “It gives me an opportunity to be creating things from inception.”

Spy Wars will see Lewis travel to London, Israel and Moscow and will feature experts and former spies including ex-Mossad, ex-CIA, ex-KGB and ex-MI6. Using reconstructions, each episode will tell a different spy story from the Cold War through to the ‘war on terror’ and the renewed espionage hostilities of present day.

Lewis will soon be seen in Quentin Tarantino's all-star crime thriller Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.