D'Amico, Devine in Motion


Special Report: Branded to Sell
As if making, acquiring, marketing and distributing movies through Myriad isn't enough, Kirk D'Amico also has joined with his wife, producer Zanne Devine, to launch a Canadian distributor they are calling Pacific Motion Pictures.

Kirk D'Amico

"It made sense to combine Devine's production experience and her being Canadian to set up that company primarily as a distribution company and secondarily being involved in production, so that's what we're doing," D'Amico says of the venture they will launch this year.

Although Devine is from Toronto originally, and that is where almost all Canadian film distributors are located, Pacific is setting up headquarters in Vancouver. "There's a terrific community of filmmakers on the west coast (of Canada), and the proximity to Los Angeles make it something that is of interest to us," Devine says.

Devine is former president of the Kennedy/Marshall Co., senior vp of Polygram Filmed Entertainment and has produced a number of movies including "The Guardian," "Bring It On: All or Nothing," "House of D," "Anna" and HBO's "PU-239."

She says that, while raising their two children in Los Angeles, "I've been watching the industry evolve (in Canada) and really reach new and great heights."

Last year, Devine produced "Mardi Gras" for Sony, which is due out next February. She also just got the green light from Sony's Screen Gems to make another low-budget movie, "Easy Ed," which will shoot this summer north of Los Angeles.

"I've been thinking about how I might bridge the gap between the two countries, instead of feeling like a total expat here," Devine adds. "This will allow me to use the great training I've received here and we both feel this is a great opportunity."

"We've been up there a lot over the last year," D'Amico says, "and there is a phenomenal amount of support for a company like this in Vancouver."

The plan is to distribute movies with commercial appeal that may not be expensive tent poles but aren't specialized art house fare either.

"We will develop films we can get our hands on for which we feel we can put an effective campaign behind," Devine says. "Hopefully our instincts will be correct -- that there is, in fact, a need and we will be able to fill that need and have a viable and exciting business."