Damien Hirst-Painted Guitar to Be Auctioned for Charity

The British artist has customized a Fender Stratocaster used by the band Squeeze.

Damien Hirst is back in the painting-guitars-for-charity business.

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The British artist, who is sometimes called “Britain's richest living artist” and is best know to the public for artworks in which dead animals have been preserved in formaldehyde, has hand-painted a classic Stratocaster that was used by the late ’70s band Squeeze when they performed in London last March.

Christie’s is auctioning the guitar/artwork on Sept. 14 in London with the proceeds going to the cancer charities Love Hope Strength Foundation and Teenage Cancer Trust.

Last year, a Hirst painted a guitar (the piece was called Beautiful Charity Spin Guitar) was also auctioned by Christie’s. It went for $146,730.

Christie’s has put an estimate of $25,000 on the guitar being auctioned on Sept. 14, which would appear to be on the conservative side.