Dan Aykroyd Recalls The Hilarious Time John Belushi Wandered Off 'Blues Brothers' Set

The Blues Brothers - Photofest still - H 2020
Universal Pictures/Photofest

The beloved film turned 40 over the summer.

Dan Aykroyd on Thursday stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers, where he shared a fun story about the late, great John Belushi.

Meyers and Aykroyd got on the topic when the host noted that the classic film Blues Brothers turned 40 over the summer. Aykroyd, who played Elwood, recalled one day when Belushi, who played Jake, disappeared from the set.

"We were shooting at the Harvey, Illinois [Dixie Square] Mall … it was an abandoned mall at the time," Aykroyd began. "We were there at 3 a.m. shooting the mall scene and lunch had broken, and we went looking for John and we couldn't find him anywhere."

In something of a panic, Aykroyd said he walked to the nearest neighborhood in hopes of locating his co-star. "All the houses were dark, but halfway down the street, there were lights on," he said. So,  Aykroyd went to the house and knocked on the door and explained to the man who greeted him that they were shooting a film and lost one of their actors. According to Aykroyd, the man responded, "Yeah! I know! Belushi. He came in here about an hour ago. He raided my fridge and now he is asleep on my couch."

Referring to him the "guest who never left," Aykroyd said Belushi could walk into anyone's house and be welcomed.

Watch the full interview below.