Dan Rather Talks Internet Slang, Adds "Granddadbod" (Video)

Associated Press
Dan Rather

The veteran news anchor also gets tested on the meanings of "on fleek," "bae" and "thirsty."

Dan Rather spent 43 years at CBS News covering wars, interviewing presidents and other world leaders, and tackling major news stories. But he is not up on his Internet slang.

BuzzFeed asked Rather to define a number of popular terms, but like most people above a certain age, he struggled to comprehend expressions like "on fleek" and "bae."

Of the latter, Rather says, "I have a feeling if I say that to … my wife, she'll dial 911."

But it seems he is familiar with the "dadbod" phenomenon, introducing the phrase "granddadbod" into the lexicon.

Watch the video below to see Rather take a crack at Internet slang and see which expression prompted him to respond, "You may as well be speaking Swahili."