Dan Wheldon Spoke of Safety and Danica Patrick Days Before Deadly Indy Crash

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Just before his death at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Wheldon discussed his strategy to win the Indy Car Racing League World Championship.

Indy Racing League driver Dan Wheldon, who died following a 15-car crash at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway's League World Championship on Oct. 16, spoke just days before his accident about safety, his odds of winning and departing colleague Danica Patrick.

Speaking with the Los Angeles Daily News (via Fishbowl), Wheldon said "don't count me out" when his 15-to-1 odds were brought up.

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"Honestly, do I think I have a shot? Absolutely," he said. "The team has given me a car that will be fine, no doubt. But you’ve seen the way races go -- everything has to go right. I’ll tell you the truth: I’ll be going for it with everything in my power to finish the season with an exclamation point. I’m not going to underestimate how talented the field is either."

When asked if he planned to beat the odds safely," Wheldon responded with another "absolutely."

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The interview also included Wheldon's thoughts on fellow driver Danica Patrick, who was leaving the Indy League for NASCAR following Sunday's race. He even joked that he might follow in her footsteps as a GoDaddy,com spokesperson. 

"I think she's done a huge job for the Indy Car series, and a great job at that," he said. "She attracted the mainstream media as well as the regular race media. She arrived at a point in the series where it someone like her, and she handled herself very well. She was a great ambassador and NASCAR should be proud to have her."

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Patrick spoke out on Wheldon's death hours after the crash. "We're all very sad. He was a friend of all of ours," she says. "He'll be missed. I just feel for his family."

Wheldon's autopsy is scheduled for today.