Dana Carvey Tries Out His New Jimmy Fallon Impression on 'The Tonight Show'

Dana Carvey on Tonight Show - Publicity - H 2016
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

See Carvey's latest microimpressions, including "Jimmy Fallon sees a UFO" and "Donald Trump applies ChapStick."

Dana Carvey is well-known for his impressions on Saturday Night Live, but his new stock-in-trade is "microimpressions."

Sharing his Jimmy Fallon microimpression with the Tonight Show host on Friday, Carvey explained that these are just "core, tiny essence, exploded into the stratosphere,"

Carvey performed "Jimmy Fallon sees a UFO," as well as a few other microimpressions, including "Christopher Walken enjoys a magic trick," "Donald Trump applies ChapStick" and "Tony Montana at Thanksgiving dinner."

He also asked Fallon to perform "Chris Rock as a sushi chef," to which Fallon easily responded: "Raw fish! Raw. Fish! How do you like the fish? Raw!"

Carvey and Fallon also rediscovered a Western they were in together called Tumbleweed Canyon, in which the duo made fun of people as they entered a bar before looking inward at themselves.

Watch the videos below.