Dances With Films Unveils Festival Lineup

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Steve Tisch joins the board of advisors for the event, with runs from May 29 to June 8 in Hollywood.

Dances With Films, the Los Angeles film festival dedicated to emerging talent, has released the lineup for its upcoming edition, which runs from May 29 to June 8 at Hollywood’s Chinese Theatre.

The winner of the audience award will receive a one-week Los Angeles distribution commitment from Arena Cinema, while the grand jury winner will receive a VOD distribution deal with Gravitas Ventures. The short grand jury award and audience award winners will both receive Academy-qualifying theatrical runs from Laemmle Theaters.  

The festival also announced that producer Steve Tisch has become the newest member of its advisory board, which also consists of Cindy Cowan, Jonathan Dana, Steve Elzer, Kevin Kasha, Eriq La Salle, Michael Lehmann, Mike Macari, Valerie McCaffrey, Mark V. Olsen, Joel Ordesky, Mark Ordesky, Melissa Orlen, Will Scheffer, Hilton Smith, David Spiegelman and Steve Wegner.

The festival’s feature film lineup follows:


A NEW YORK LOVE STORY - WRITER/DIR: Apolla Echino; PRODS: Justin Ruane, Lara Myrene, Apolla Echino

BEING AWESOME - WRITER/DIR: Allen C. Gardner; PRODS: Gabe Arredondo, Allen C. Gardner, Matthew Stiller, Drew Smith, Lou Griffith

THE BULLY CHRONICLES - WRITER/DIR: Amy S. Weber; PRODS: Amy S. Weber, Jeffrey D. Spilman, Danny Roth

DRUID PEAK - WRITER/DIR: Marni Zelnick; PRODS: Julie Buck, Dana Morgan, Jeff Petriello, Maureen Mayer

FRANK VS. GOD - WRITER/DIR: Stewart Schill; PRODS: Scott Schill, Alan Pruzan

HARD SUN - DIRECTOR: Canyon Prince; WRITER: Canyon Prince (story by Canyon Prince and J Michael Briggs); PRODS: James Thomas, J Michael Briggs

THE HISTORIAN - WRITER/DIR: Miles Doleac; PRODS: Miles Doleac, Mackenzie Westmoreland, Ryan H. Jackson, John Lawrence Doleac and Nate Meyer

THE JAZZ FUNERAL -WRITER/DIR: Jesse Rosen; PRODS: Laurence Ducceschi, Cindy Peters

LAYOVER - WRITER/DIR: Joshua Caldwell; PRODS: Travis Oberlander, Vertel Scott, Joshua Caldwell, Jatin Das Gupta

THE MOURNING - DIRECTOR: Marc Clebanoff; WRITER: Marc Clebanoff, Michael Walton; PRODS: Joseph Wolf, Marc Clebanoff, Michael Walton

POPOVICH AND THE VOICE OF THE FABLED AMERICAN WEST - WRITER/DIR: Mike & Jerry Thompson; PRODS: Gregory Popovich, May May Luong, Todd Hailstone

THE SUICIDE THEORY - DIRECTOR: Dru Brown; WRITER: Michael J Kospiah; PRODS: Dru Brown, Christian McCarty, Jake McCarty

TARGETING - DIRECTOR: Tarique Qayumi; WRITER: Joey Patterson, Alan de la Rosa & Tarique Qayumi; PRODS: Alan de la Rosa, Carlos Osorio, Tarique Qayumi

THE WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE - WRITER/Dir: Jonathan Smith; PRODS: Jonathan Smith, Nicole Day, Amy Vorpahl, Bernie Stern


A LEADING MAN - WRITER/DIR: Steven J. Kung; PRODS: Justin Bell, Jon Michael Kondrath

BLOOD PUNCH - DIRECTOR: Maddellaine Paxson; WRITER: Eddie Guzelian; PRODS: Fred Schaefer, Fleur Saville, Eddie Guzelian, Madellaine Paxson

THE CABINING - WRITER/DIR: Steve Kopera; PRODS: Mike Kopera, Ian Michaels

EFFICIENCY - DIRECTOR: Kate Enge; WRITER: Steven Molony; PRODS: Steven Molony, Janek Ambros, Nick Collins

GONE DOGGIE GONE - WRITER/DIR: Kasi Brown & Brandon Walter; PRODS: Rebecca Hu and Adriane Zaudke

INK & STEEL - DIRECTORS: Jonathan Ehlers & Patrick Ward-Perkins; WRITER: Jonathan Ehlers, Patrick Ward-Perkins, Jason Radspiner; PRODS: Jonathan Ehlers, Patrick Ward-Perkins, Jason Radspiner

KING OF HERRINGS - WRITER: Eddie Jemison; DIRECTORS: Eddie Jemison & Sean Richardson PRODS: Eddie Jemison, Sean Richardson, Seth William Meir, John Mese, David Jensen


MISSING CHILD – DIRECTOR: Luke Sabis; WRITERS: Luke Sabis, Michael Barbuto; PRODS: Luke Sabis, Charles Gorgano; Michael Michael Barbuto

ODD BRODSKY - DIRECTOR: Cindy Baer; WRITERS: Matthew Irving & Cindy Baer; PRODS: Cindy Baer & Thomai Hatsios

SAND CASTLES - DIRECTOR: Clenét Verdi-Rose; WRITER: Jordon Hodges; PRODS: Jordon Hodges, Christopher Nickin

SEAHORSES - WRITER/DIR: Jason Kartalian; PRODS: Jason Kartalian, Roxy Shih

STOMPING GROUND – DIRECTOR: Dan Riesser; WRITERS: Dan Riesser & Andrew Genser; PRODS: Brad Lavery & Mike De Trana