'Dancing Queen' Star Justin Johnson on Why His Drag Wig Makes Him Feel Like Batman

Johnson, also known as drag queen Alyssa Edwards, debuted his Netflix docuseries 'Dance Queen' in October.

For Justin Johnson — aka well-known RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Alyssa Edwards — debuting his Netflix docuseries Dancing Queen, which follows his highly competitive Beyond Belief Dance Company in Mesquite, Texas, has been a “dream come true.”

“Talk about a hallmark of my life. I’ve read my journal out loud for the whole world, 190 countries, and it’s just been an amazing journey,” Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter In Studio.

Dancing Queen was shopped around to various networks, but none felt like the right fit until Netflix came knocking. “I said, ‘This is perfect. A docuseries? You’re going to let me be me? You’re going stand in the corner and push record and not talk and allow all this to unfold? Where do I sign?’” he recalled.

The Netflix series debuted in early October, but Johnson already has high hopes for a season two, this time focusing more on the young dancers he calls his “unicorn tribe.”

“I hope this series grows and continues to go on. I’m hoping for a season two. I want to now hear more of the kids’ stories. We got to tap into that just a little,” Johnson told THR. Johnson also discussed his first step into the drag world, calling the first drag show he witnessed “bizarre,” but “wildly compelling.”

“The first time I put on the wig, every insecurity, every doubt, every fear diminished. The wig is a cap. It’s like a Bruce Wayne and Batman kind of life. I felt confident because for so long I was so afraid of the world and being judged and being labeled, and I just went into this really weird awkward shell and drag changed that for me,” he said.

But while drag has helped him travel the globe to entertain, he says his “role is definitely bigger than me just being a drag queen.”

“There are many nights that I lay in a hotel room and I think, ‘Are you doing the right thing? Are you being selfish with being on stage? You need to be home. You need to be there and you need to be present for these kids’ lives.’ It’s important so that’s where the juggling act comes into play.”

As far as what the future holds for Johnson, he simply said, “I’m so curious, but not anxious, to know what lies ahead.”

Watch the video above to hear Johnson discuss fellow drag queen Shangela’s success in A Star Is Born, what hopes he has for his dancers and more.