'Dancing With the Stars'' Nancy Grace: 'I Haven't Thought About Weight Since I Got Pregnant'


The shrinking TV host says that her intense workouts are a happy accident of the ABC competition.

Though she's commented on her shrinking figure throughout Season 13 of Dancing With the Stars, Nancy Grace wants to make one thing very clear: She doesn't care.

Her intense rehearsals have the 52-year-old prosecutor within sight of her pre-pregnancy weight, but she says size hasn't been a priority for some time.

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"Before I got pregnant I weighed almost 20 pounds less than I weigh now," she said backstage after last week's performance, "but after I saw them come out and saw them alive, I haven't thought about weight since I got pregnant."

The 2007 premature of Nancy's twins was dangerously complicated, with herself and daughter Lucy both coming close to losing their lives. "That experience of nearly dying makes you focus on what's important in life," she said, "and keeping my diet and my exercise journal like I had for about 18 years kind of didn't seem important anymore."

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Instead, she says when she gets the rare free hour, she spends it with her children and not on a treadmill.

Not that she isn't happy with the effects of her daily eight-hour workout with partner Tristan MacManus. "I feel even greater now," she said. "This has forced me to work out."

Nancy and Tristan next tackle a Jive during the Halloween-themed week 7 episode.