'Dancing With the Stars' Results: Mike Catherwood Sent Home

Adam Taylor/ABC

Ten dancers remain after Tuesday night's episode, which saw Catherwood and Sugar Ray Leonard land in the bottom two.

"Psycho" Mike Catherwood became the first contestant eliminated from this season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday night.

The L.A. radio personality and Loveline co-host -- who was paired up with dancing pro Lacey Schwimmer -- had the lowest scores for the first two performances this season. (Last week's scores were combined with Monday night's -- in addition with viewer votes -- to determine who got eliminated.)

Catherwood's two performances earned him a total of 30 points out of 60, and the judges even said Monday that he had improved from the previous week, though he still "looked like a fly stuck on flypaper" and should work on being "lighter on his feet."

Boxing champ Sugar Ray Leonard also landed in the bottom two.

Coming into Tuesday's show, original Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio led the pack, followed by Hines Ward in second place and Kirstie Alley in third.

All scores are now erased, and the contestants get to start fresh again next week.

Gail Speight contributed to this report.