BBC's 'Danger Mouse' Remake: Some Male Characters to Be Turned Into Females

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Some characters that were male in the original animated series will now be female as the U.K. public broadcaster looks to make female characters more prominent in kids shows.

LONDON – BBC's reboot of animated children's classic Danger Mouse will feature more female characters.

‎The protagonist, a white rodent with an eye patch, and his sidekick, Penfold, will be joined by fellow characters, some of whom will see a gender change as the original barely had any female characters, The Guardian reported.

Danger Mouse became one of the earliest British shows to be syndicated in the U.S., on Nickelodeon. It spoofed famous British film and TV secret agents such as James Bond.

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“Characters that might have been male in the past will now be female characters," The Guardian quoted Cheryl Taylor, controller of BBC kids network CBBC, which will bring back the show after 23 years.‎‎ She didn't provide further details.

As reported, the BBC and FremantleMedia are ‎ co-producing 52 new episodes of the iconic cartoon. Co-creator Brian Cosgrove is acting as a consultant on the remake.

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Kay Benbow, the controller of fellow BBC kids channel CBeebies, said the gender changes for other characters fits into the U.K. public broadcaster's broader efforts to make female characters more prominent in kids shows.

"I still feel the default tendency is for there to be a male lead or a male presenter," The Guardian quoted Benbow as saying. She said the BBC wants to launch more shows with females in starring roles and their names in the title.

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CBeebies also has used more women for voice narration for its animated shows.

U.S. musician and producer Danger Mouse, who formed Gnarls Barkley with Cee Lo Green, took his name from the animated show.

In the remake, Danger Mouse and Penfold will still have their headquarters inside a red mailbox. But CBBC previously said the mailbox will now feature cutting-edge technology. In addition, the protagonist's eye patch will be replaced by an "i-patch" with various special functions.

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