Daniel Alter joins Caliber Media

Tapped as a partner at management-production outfit

Producer Daniel Alter has joined management-production outfit Caliber Media as a partner alongside company founders Jack Heller and Dallas Sonnier.

Caliber reps such actors as "Greenberg" star Greta Gerwig and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and writers including Jenny Lumet ("Rachel Getting Married"). It also produced "Damage," an Austin-starring actioner that Fox released this year.

Alter will join Heller, who just wrapped his directorial debut "Enter Nowhere," to run the production side of Caliber's business, focusing primarily on bolstering its studio presence as producers, while continuing to develop commercial independent films for a price.

He also will work with Sonnier, who runs the management side, which includes associate managers Jared Schwartz and Julian Rosenberg.

"Daniel joining us enforces the direction we 're heading in," Heller said. "I'm 27, Dallas just turned 30, and Daniel is 28. It just shows we're a young company looking for content for our generation. Daniel, who has made films for our generation, is the perfect fit for us."

Alter got his start at management company Energy Entertainment but made his mark in the genre world, setting up several video game adaptations and TV series "Jonny Quest" as well as acting as a producer on "Hitman," starring Timothy Olyphant, and the upcoming Warner Bros./ Dark Castle supernatural thriller "Apparition," starring Ashley Greene. Alter also is a producer on "Kane and Lynch," Millennium's take on the action video game that will star Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx.

"I have this rep in comics and video games, and I want to continue on that track," Alter said, "but I also want to generate high-concept material like action and comedy projects."

Alter is bringing with him as a client Todd Lincoln, who directed "Apparition." The two are developing an adaptation of comic book "Danger Girl" with producer Adrian Askarieh.
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