Daniel Craig Reveals His Happy Face at 'Tintin' London Premiere

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The usually stone-faced actor finally cracks a smile, an event which is rarer than a lunar eclipse.

Fash Track spotted the mysteriously elusive Daniel Craig smile at the Sunday (Oct. 23) London premiere of Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg's  The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, an adaptation of Georges Remi's series of classic comic books. Granted there are no actual Craig teeth on view, but this is indubitably a smile that expresses the emotion of pleasure/happiness.

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As Hollywood historians will attest, the Craig grin is something that occurs infrequently on red carpets. It's worse than a lunar eclipse because it's impossible to predict when it will happen and has never been  glimpsed at any of the actor's James Bond premieres. But the lack of a smile could have something to do with the stoic spy character he plays and the fact that he's suffered multiple injuries on Bond sets.

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In 2008 he severed a finger and sustained a cut on his face after being accidentally kicked in the face by a Quantum of Solace costar in 2008. He has admitted, sounding somewhat mortified, to having been assigned a "good plastic surgeon" for the repairs.

Craig also had two teeth knocked out during the 2006 filming of Casino Royale. But the only injury reported during the filming of Tin Tin was by Jamie Bell who plays Tin Tin, the young reporter. He misaligned two vertebra and threw out a rib sliding on carpets in front  of green screens.

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Along with Craig's unusually pleased expression, the Cowboys and Aliens star also sported a frock coat, weathered jeans, a gray sweater vest and tie while he happily signed autographs for his adoring fans. What's not to smile about, right?

We just wonder if we'll spot a smile when he and Rooney Mara appear at The Girl with the Dragon tattoo premiere. Any bets?

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