Daniel Radcliffe Plans to Attend 'Force Awakens' Opening Night Incognito

The actor and 'Star Wars' superfan is leaning toward a Wookiee mask.

Daniel Radcliffe is a huge Star Wars fan, and like any true devotee, he wants to experience the return of the Force in the theater on opening night.

On Conan Wednesday, the star of Victor Frankenstein explained to Conan O'Brien that he wants to be at an opening night screening "because everyone always talks about the midnight screenings they had on Potter as just being insane and amazing atmosphere. But obviously I couldn't go to them."

Radcliffe also revealed that he'd most likely go in costume, implying that he didn't want to distract from the big event because there's "some crossover between Star Wars fans and Harry Potter fans." He said he'd toyed with the idea of going as a Wookiee for the "good coverage."

"I almost don't want to say that, because — not that everyone's like, 'Yeah, we're desperate to see you, Dan' — but just in case people start randomly unmasking Wookiees," joked Radcliffe.

Conan had another idea, suggesting to big laughs: "You should go dressed as Harry Potter."

Watch the full clip below.