Daniel Radcliffe and Jim Gaffigan Turn Plastic to Save the World in 'Playmobil' Trailer

The animated action-adventure also features the voices of Anya Taylor-Joy, Meghan Trainor, Adam Lambert and Kenan Thompson.

STX Entertainment's animated Playmobil, which follows secret agent Rex Dasher (voiced by Daniel Radcliffe) as he partners with civilians Del (Jim Gaffigan) and Marla (Anya Taylor-Joy) after citizens begin to vanish, debuted its first trailer Tuesday. 

Based on the well-known plastic toys, the film follows the trio as they journey to new worlds for their rescue mission.

The trailer opens with a dramatic voiceover: "Some heroes are unshakeable. Others are unstoppable. But only one kind is part of a portable 10-piece set." Dasher is introduced as a classic savvy agent as he teams with Del, a charismatic food truck driver, and Marla, a smart and courageous civilian, for his latest mission: A secret organization is causing citizens of different lands to vanish into thin air. 

Lino DiSalvo, known for being head of animation on Frozen and supervising animator on Tangled, moved over into the directing chair for this film. Moritz Borman and Timothy Burrill produce.

The pic also features the voice talents of Meghan Trainor, Adam Lambert, Anya Taylor-Joy, Gabriel Bateman and Kenan Thompson.

Playmobil is set to hit theaters Aug. 30.