Daniel Radcliffe to Play American Crime Reporter in 'Tokyo Vice'

Daniel Radcliffe The Woman in Black Premiere Portrait - P 2012
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Daniel Radcliffe The Woman in Black Premiere Portrait - P 2012

The film will be based on the memoirs of Jake Adelstein, a U.S. journalist who covered Tokyo's underworld for Japan’s biggest newspaper.

TOKYO -- Daniel Radcliffe will take another step away from the boy wizard when he tackles the role of an American journalist who covered the crime beat in Japan, including the notorious yakuza mafia, in Tokyo Vice.

The film, set to begin shooting in early 2014, will be directed by music video and commercials veteran Anthony Mandler, based on a script by playwright J.T. Rogers.

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Tokyo Vice covers the adventures of Jake Adelstein, a crime reporter on the Yomiuri Shimbun, the largest newspaper in the world by circulation, from his beginnings as the first westerner in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Press Club to his expose on a yakuza boss given a liver transplant in California.

“I had a number of people interested in adapting the book, but I was concerned what would happen if I didn’t have some say in what happened to the screenplay. I would have issues if a lot of liberties were taken, as this is the story of my life,” Adelstein tells The Hollywood Reporter.    

Adelstein  says has been working closely on the screenplay with Rogers, with whom he went to high school, including taking him around locations in Tokyo and going through original source material.

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Radcliffe has been broadening his repertoire recently, appearing in Sundance hit Kill Your Darlings, as well as upcoming supernatural thriller Horns and comedy The F-Word.

“Daniel Radcliffe is 24, about the same age as I was when I began as a cub reporter. I think he’s really maturing as an actor and will be great for the role,” said Adelstein.

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