Daniel Radcliffe Pranks Magazine Staff, Works as Receptionist

Daniel Radcliffe Nylon H 2015

Daniel Radcliffe Nylon H 2015

"I'm very new and very shit."

Danielle Radcliffe took on perhaps his most challenging role yet — as a receptionist at Nylon magazine. 

Though the prank was on the Nylon staff, Radcliffe was also in for some surprises, experiencing all the hallmark features of occupying the reception desk: anonymity (as several staffers initially pass him by without a glance), dealing with impatient visitors ("Um, I’m still waiting for Trudy.") and confusion over the bathroom key.

But Radcliffe’s reception at reception finally started to warm up as staffers began to recognize him.

"You’re not Lauren," one employee notices.

"I’m like a cut price, much less efficient version of Lauren," replies Radcliffe.

"I loved your work in Harry Potter. And the horse play you did (referring to Equus)," says another staffer. "I didn’t see it."

After an hour of unsuccessful phone connections, confusing package deliveries and praying that no one else will ask for anything, the gig finally begins to draw to a close with the arrival of a surprise guest. "Are you new?" the new visitor asks.

"I’m very new and very shit," says Radcliffe.

Clearly the poor guy should stick to his day job.

Watch the full clip below.