Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson Talk up Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Walking tour scheduled to open its doors at the end of March 2012.

LONDON – Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, the trio of leading wizards to emerge from the Harry Potter franchise, are all backing the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter.

Warner Bros. said the walking tour will open its doors at the end of March 2012, and all three trumpeted the attraction.

The tour will include a chance for fans to oggle some of the film series’ most iconic sets including the Great Hall, Dumbledore’s office, the Ministry of Magic, Harry Potter’s famous cupboard under the stairs, 4 Privet Drive, Gryffindor common room, the boys’ dormitory, the Potion’s classroom, Professor Umbridge’s office, the Weasley kitchen and the Hogwarts bridge among others.

Tickets for the attraction, billed by Warner Bros. as an “unique walking tour,” go on sale next week.

The tour aims to offer muggles and movie fans the first opportunity to journey behind-the-scenes of the Harry Potter franchise.

It was such a magical place to grow up,” said Radcliffe, who played Potter in the films. “People will be amazed to see the incredible sets that we’ve worked in all these years.”

Grint noted the sets have tiny little details that viewers maynot have noticed in the films. “....but when you actually walk through them, you can see all the work that's gone into it. It’s really amazing,” he added.

For her part, Watson said: “This is incredible, it’s been a long time coming and I’m very excited.”

Warner Bros. U.K. president and managing director Josh Berger said the tour would also showcase costumes, animatronics and the makeup skills used during the franchise’s 10-year-plus reign.

Berger also noted it will also be a grand advertisement for Warner Bros.’ fresh British studio facility: The tour will be housed at Leavesden Studios, which WB bought and is pumping $100 million into developing as a U.K. based for WB productions and as a facility for hire to other filmmakers.

Warner Bros. Studios Tour London vice president Sarah Roots said: “The U.K. will be the focus of the world with the Olympic Games in 2012 and we are incredibly excited to be launching the UK’s newest attraction at this time.”

Tickets are priced at £28 ($43) for adults, £21 ($32.50) for children and £83 ($128.50) for a family of four and must be booked in advance.