'Danish Girl' picks up German cash

Nicole Kidman starrer gets $1.5 mil subsidy finance

BERLIN -- Lasse Hallstrom's upcoming drama "The Danish Girl" starring Nicole Kidman has picked up €1.2 million ($1.5 million) in subsidy financing from Germany's NRW Film Board.

Senator Film Koln, Senator's English-language production shingle, has boarded the project as a co-producer together with U.S. group ELBE and Cologne-based MMC Independent. Hallstrom is planning a 19-day shoot in Germany, for "Danish Girl," one of the conditions of the subsidy cash.

"The Danish Girl" is based on the real-life romance between 1920s Danish painter Einar Wegener and his American artist wife Greta Waud. After his wife asks him to pose for a portrait in women's clothes, Einar becomes obsessed with cross-dressing. Eventually, with the support of his wife, he decides to undergo the first-ever sex-change operation. Kidman will play Einar.