Danish Parliament Passes New Film Law

Boosts support for the local industry to $390 million over the next four years


COLOGNE, Germany -- The Danish parliament has passed a new film law, which will boost support for the local industry to 2.1 billion Danish crowns ($390 million) over the next four years, increasing funding for the digital conversion of Danish cinemas and funding the development of computer games.

The new law includes an additional $18.5 million for production and increases the subsidy budget for computer games by $1.5 million to $3.7 million.

The law also has provisions to improve the production and distribution of Danish documentary films aimed at a young and broad demographic.

The digitization component of the new law will provide grants of up to $37,000 per cinema to art house theatres to go towards upgrading their systems. Cinemas will also be able to access support for the digital distribution of films if they screen Danish titles.

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