Danny Glover, Bruce Greenwood Topline 'Donovan's Echo'

TORONTO -- Danny Glover and Bruce Greenwood are top-lining Jim Cliffe’s Donovan’s Echo, a Canadian indie thriller from Donovan's Echo Productions now shooting in Vancouver to the end of November.

Glover plays the lead, Donovan Matheson, a man trapped in the past who returns after a thirty-year absence to discover what caused an accident that claimed his wife and child, and with help from his brother-in-law, played by Greenwood.

The ensemble cast also includes Sonja Bennett, Natasha Calis, David Lewis, Ian Tracey and Lanette Ware.

Cliffe and Melodie Krieger co-wrote Donovan’s Echo. Trent Carlson and Andria Spring are producing, while Mary Anne Waterhouse is executive producer.

Union Pictures will release the Canadian picture domestically.

In other Canadian casting news, Amy Price-Francis (24, Californication) has the lead role in King, the Canuck cop drama from Indian Grove Productions now shooting in Toronto to February 2011.

Price-Francis plays the lead investigator of a Toronto major crimes task force who solves cases that stump fellow police detectives.

The eight-part King series for Showcase also stars Alan Van Sprang, Gabriel Hogan, Tony Nardi, Suzanne Coy, Zoe Doyle and Aaron Poole.