Dario Argento and Iggy Pop Team Up for 'The Sandman' Crowdfunding Project

Iggy Pop and Dario Argento - H 2014
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Iggy Pop and Dario Argento - H 2014

The duo are asking fans to help finance their upcoming Christmas horror film

The original Godfather of Punk and the Italian Maestro of Horror are teaming up to bring The Sandman to the big screen. Iggy Pop and Dario Argento are calling on their own cult fanbases to help bring the project to fruition, with an Indiegogo crowdfunding appeal aimed at raising $250,000 — an amount they say will allow them to make the film they want to make it. 

The Suspiria director promises this will be his "most horrific film ever." While plans have been slowly stewing for a feature adaptation of Neil Gaiman's acclaimed Sandman graphic novel, Argento and Pop's project instead goes back to E.T.A. Hoffman's German short story for inspiration. The new script is about a student, Nathan, haunted by a childhood trauma courtesy of the Sandman (played by Pop), a masked killer whose weapon of choice is a jagged melon spoon that he uses to claim eye trophies. Nathan thinks he's killed the man years ago on Christmas Eve but then witnesses another brutal killing at the hands of the same masked murderer.

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Argento sees the film, which was written by David Tully, as a tribute to his career. The opening scene echoes the opener of Argento's 1975 classic Deep Red in which a child witnesses a murder against a Christmas tree backdrop. Argento's longtime collaborator, Claudio Simonetti of the band Goblin, will compose the score to the film.

Since the film was announced with Iggy Pop attached this past summer, the joint fan response convinced Pop and Argento that they could rely on the audience to help them get the film produced. "With your help, Mr. Argento can make this movie his way, the way that you and I appreciate and respect, and what the world needs so much right now: a good, artistic, gothic, terrifying scare," said Pop in the project's promotional video.

Prizes for donations include a $500 snow globe, used as the killer's calling card, and a $25,000 role in the film opposite Iggy Pop. 

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