Dario Argento says 'Giallo' blacklisted

Adrien Brody film lacks U.S. distributor

ROME -- Italian horror master Dario Argento said in an interview with the daily newspaper Il Giornale that his latest film, "Giallo" (Yellow), is being blacklisted in Hollywood.
The 69-year-old Argento, known for the 1977 thriller "Suspiria" and "La Terza Madre" (The Mother of Tears) from 2007, said that the crime thriller starring Oscar winner Adrien Brody in the main role has been finished for months and that the film has been inexplicably ignored by U.S. distributors.
"It's incredible," Argento said in the interview that appeared in Monday's edition of the newspaper. "We screened the film at the Edinburgh Film Festival, but I didn't make the trip, and then to Pusan in Korea where I went and where everyone complimented the film. It's got an Oscar winner in the main role.
"But now nobody will take my phone calls," he said. "The secretaries take my message but nobody calls back. But the more they refuse to talk to me the more I will talk."
Argento is continuing work on a modern remake of "Suspiria," which he said is now in post-production. He said he worries that the poor treatment he's received connected to "Giallo" could bode badly for the big-budget remake.
"I actually considered halting work for a year," he said. "But I decided against it, first of all for my fans. It's not their fault. And I like my work, I hope that by continuing to work I can finally wake up from this nightmare."