Arsenal, News Clippings Found in Trunk of Maine Man Inspired by 'Dark Knight' Killings

Timothy Courtois allegedly tells police he was heading to kill a former employer after seeing the new Batman film; three others are arrested in separate incidents at screenings across the country.

A Maine man stopped for speeding on the Maine Turnpike early Sunday morning is now in custody after a search of his vehicle turned up a weapons stash and several newspaper stories about the Aurora shooting.

Timothy Courtois of Biddeford, Me., was stopped by state police for driving at speeds upwards of 112 miles per hour, whereupon a search of his car found an AK-47 assault weapon, four handguns, ammunition and news clippings about the massacre at a Dark Knight Rises screening in Colorado that left 12 dead, the AP reports.

The incident is one of four Dark Knight-related arrests since the shocking killings early Friday morning and subsequent capture of suspect James Holmes.

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"We don't know what his true intentions were," Steve McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety, tells the AP. "Based on the arsenal that was confiscated, we brought in our counterparts from the FBI and ATF to assist with the investigation."

According to state trooper Phillip Alexander, Courtois' demeanor was "unusually calm given the excessive speed" at which he was driving, the Kennebec Journal reports. The Journal quotes a Courtois relative who says he "had a history of mental illness but was never violent."

A report from says Courtois told police he had taken in a screening of The Dark Knight Rises the night before, apparently having carried a loaded gun into the theater, and was "on his way to Derry, New Hampshire, to shoot a former employer."

A second arrest in Norwalk, California, involves Clark Tabor, 52, who shouted, "I should go off like in Colorado. Does anybody have a gun?" to a packed screening on Sunday night. Tabor was spotted by a security guard wearing a backpack and crouching on his knees in the theater's second row, the Los Angeles Times reports. L.A. County Sheriff's deputies were called in and took Tabor into custody. A search of his bag turned up no weapons.

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At a Friday screening in Sierra Visa, Ariz, Michael William Borboa, 27, appeared extremely "intoxicated" and was tackled by off-duty Border Patrol agents. The scuffle led to "mass hysteria" among the packed screening, the Cochise Country Sheriff's office tells the AP, with at least 50 people fleeing the theater.

Borboa was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct, threatening and intimidating. A search of his bag turned up a bottle of moonshine.

Those incidents follow a fourth arrest on Sunday evening in Pittsburgh, Penn., when a jittery crowd stampeded towards the theater doors after a fight between theater patrons led someone to yell "Gun!"

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