Dark Knight Rises: Anne Hathaway Eating 'Kale and Dust' to Fit in Catwoman Suit (Video)

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She says it "takes a lot of motivation" to fit into the suit, which three people help her put on.

Anne Hathaway had to ramp up her exercise routine to play Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, in theater in 2012.

On E!'s Chelsea Lately Wednesday, Hathaway said, "The last time we talked about how much I really don't like working out, and I've kind of fallen… I really like it now. Ugh, I'm that person, like I came to L.A., got a bikini wax, went blonde and love working out!"

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"I don't think I'd ever really gotten over the hump. I was so weak, so I hated everything. It was so painful, I looked like an idiot," Hathaway said. "I was at the gym working out next to a pregnant Jessica Alba, who could do more pushups than I could."

Hathaway says her routine also includes Bikram yoga. She's also a vegetarian.

"I'm like living on kale and dust for training," said Hathaway. "The catsuits unforgiving, man."

How does she get into the actual suit, Handler asked.

"A lot of motivation," Hathaway joked. "It takes three of us, and the movie shoots a little over six months. It's not just focus my efforts for one day, I have to really get into it…"

"You are looking at me with a horrified expression," quipped Hathaway. When Handler asks if she's given up alcohol for the duration, Hathaway said, "I gotta have a little fun. My character is [bad], so if I were perfectly behaved, I wouldn't be honoring her.