'The Dark Knight Rises' Crosses $100 Million Box Office Milestone on Imax Screens

Warner Bros.

The Warner Bros. tentpole has taken in $65.1 million domestically, and another $37.3 million internationally, after seven weeks on release.

Giant screen exhibitor Imax on Tuesday said Warner Bros. Pictures’ The Dark Knight Rises has crossed the $100 million global box office mark.

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The milestone came as Christopher Nolan’s tentpole release screened in 557 Imax theaters worldwide during seven weeks of release.

That performance came via a $65.1 million in box office receipts from 332 Imax screens domestically, and another $37.3 million taken in from 225 Imax screens internationally, including in China where The Dark Knight Rises started screening in 75 digital theaters from Aug. 27.

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The only other Hollywood title to cross the $100 million milestone for Imax is James Cameron’s Avatar 3D.

Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, which is still screening worldwide, includes more than an hour of footage filmed with Imax cameras.