'Dark Knight Rises' Generates $19 Million Opening Weekend on Domestic Imax Screens

Warner Bros.

The Warner Bros. movie got off to a solid start of $4.8 million on 64 super-sized screens internationally, with China yet to screen the movie.

TORONTO -- The Dark Knight Rises generated an opening weekend box office of $23.8 million in 396 Imax theaters worldwide, the giant screen exhibitor reported Monday.

Toronto-based Imax said the Warner Bros. Pictures tent-pole pulled in $19 million domestically from 332 Imax screens, for a per-screen average of $57,200.

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The global per-screen average was $60,100.

Internationally, The Dark Knight Rises earned $4.8 million in 64 Imax theatres, for a per-screen average of $75,000.

Warner Bros. earlier Monday said Imax grossed $1.57 million on 19 screens in the UK, and another $758,000 from 10 screens in Korea.

And The Dark Knight Rises grossed $659,000 from 5 Imax screens in Australia, and $55,000 from two screens in Spain.

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Imax has another 89 of its theatres that are set to start screening The Dark Knight Rising this week, with China yet to screen the action movie, pending confirmation.