THR Cover: Reflections on 'The Dark Knight Rises' Tragedy

THR's Todd McCarthy, Peter Bogdanovich, Douglas Wolk and "Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter weigh in on the Aurora, Colo., tragedy in the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine, which also explores the impact of violent films, how moviegoing could change and the Batman film's Oscar chances.

The new issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine looks at the aftermath of the fatal shooting in Aurora, Colo., and how Hollywood will recover from the event -- from the impact that violent work like The Dark Knight Rises can have and how movies like it will be made, marketed and seen in the months and years to come.

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THR's Todd McCarthy: Beware the Dangers of Film's Dark Side
After the collapse of the production code, Hollywood began increasing on-screen violence -- with unseen consequences. Read the story here.

The Joker and His 70-Year Reign of Terror
From the cartoonish villain of the comics through Heath Ledger's unforgettable turn in The Dark Knight, comics historian Douglas Wolk on the Clown Prince of Crime. Read the story here.

How Going to the Movies Will Change After 'The Dark Knight Rises' Shooting
Theater owners could face millions in security upgrades to calm nervous, infrequent audiences. Read the story here.

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2 A.M. Wake-Up Call: How Warner Bros. Reacted to the Shooting
In the pre-dawn hours, executives received the news and rushed into action. Read the story here.

How to Sell a Violent Film After the Shooting
It's full-speed ahead for the marketing campaigns of shoot-em-ups Total Recall, Expendables 2 and Bourne Legacy -- even as the nation recovers. Read the story here.

'The Dark Knight Rises' Is Still an Oscar Contender
But even before the shooting, the film faced challenges due to its comic-book origins. Read the story here.

A History of Violence in Movie Theaters
The shooting in Aurora, Colo. might be the worst, but it's not the first time guns and theater audiences mixed. Read the story here.

Legendary Director Peter Bogdanovich: What If Movies Are Part of the Problem?
The director of Targets says: "People go to a movie to have a good time, and they get killed. … It makes me sick that I made a movie about it." Read the story here.

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Kurt Sutter: 'The One Is Tragic, the Billion Are Not'
The Sons of Anarchy showrunner says, "This kinda thing always makes me question my use of violence in storytelling." Read the story here.