'Dark Knight Rises' Star Marion Cotillard on Gun Violence: 'It's a Vicious Circle'

Marion Cotillard "Rust And Bone" Premiere - P 2012
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"I’ve never felt good about guns," the Oscar winner tells THR.

Marion Cotillard still is visibly shaken when she recalls the moment she first heard about the Aurora, Colo., shootings.

The date was July 20, 2012, and what was meant to be a career high for the Oscar winner -- starring in a new Christopher Nolan-directed Batman epic -- instantly was overshadowed by an unthinkable tragedy as news quickly spread that a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado left 12 moviegoers dead at the hands of a crazed shooter.

Those wounds have barely begun to heal as the country now copes with an even more unbelievable and senseless horror: the murder of 27 people, 20 of them children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

The Hollywood Reporter asked Cotillard about her thoughts on the Colorado shooting in a conversation with the actress last month.

"I’ve never felt good about guns. Especially when it’s out of control," the Rust and Bone star told THR.

"Sadly, I guess, it's in America’s culture," Cotillard added. "And I believe it’s going to be hard to change that because some people can’t be secure without it. It’s creating at the same time this insecurity. It’s a vicious circle."

Cotillard is shooting Blood Ties, directed by French movie star Guillaume Canet, her partner and father of her 1-year-old son. The film is set in the world of organized crime in 1970s Brooklyn.