'Dark Knight' Shooting Prompts New Security at Canadian Cinemas

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Domestic exhibition giant Cineplex Entertainment said it has put "security measures" in place for upcoming shows.

TORONTO – The Dark Knight Rises movie massacre has cast a shadow over Canadian cinemas.

Domestic exhibition giant Cineplex Entertainment on Friday said it has adopted unspecified security measures in the wake of the Aurora, Colorado tragedy as a safety precaution.

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“The safety and security of our guests remains our top priority, and while we believe this was an isolated incident, we have security measures in place for our upcoming shows,” Cineplex, which is rolling out the Warner Bros. tent-pole across its Canadian circuit, said in a statement Friday.

“We are shocked and saddened by last night’s tragedy in Aurora, Colorado and extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of those affected,” the exhibitor added.

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Cineplex will also donate a portion of the proceeds from Friday night’s box office to the Red Cross RespectED: Violence and Abuse Prevention program.

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