'Dark Knight' tickets hot sellers on eBay

Moviegoers pay up to five times face value for seats

Seems that 4,366 theaters weren't quite enough.

As hype for "The Dark Knight" reached a fever pitch over the weekend, moviegoers were surfing eBay and Craigslist for tickets, sometimes paying five times face value for them.

The hottest items were tickets to Imax showings. The movie opened on 94 Imax screens, and company executives did a good job letting folks know that director Christopher Nolan shot many of the biggest action scenes with an Imax camera, making it was the best venue for viewing the film.

All the publicity didn't hurt Imax stock, either: It gained 18% last week.

The going online-auction price for an Imax "Dark Knight" ticket seemed to be around $50 -- with many sellers asking $60 and many buyers offering $40.

An eBay spokesperson said she didn't recall seeing this many, if any, offers to buy and sell movie tickets on the site before.

And eBay has seen a surge in activity related to Batman in general, with nearly 23,000 items listed on Friday. As for movie-related Batman gear, Christian Bale paraphernalia is the most popular.

The online auction house said that 2,147 collectible items related to Bale's Batman were listed, ahead of Val Kilmer (823), Michael Keaton (768) and George Clooney (184).

Some of the more popular items include movie posters, action figures and animation cells that are being offered for as little as $5 and as much as $1,000. The big-ticket item thus far was a Batman comic book that sold last month for $30,000.